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The Most Recognizable Scenes in Rio de Janeiro on a Unique Watchmaking marvel - breitling superocean replica Logical One Secret Kakau Watch

breitling superocean replica's new model, Logical one Secret Kakau Hofke, is an example of a model that meets the highest standards in all three areas. Its design is a work of art and the execution of the idea makes it an example of high-quality craftsmanship. It also excels in an horological sense.fake breitling superocean breitling superocean replica's novelty features a striking and original dial featuring the Rio de Janeiro depiction by Kakau Hofke, a Brazilian artist. The micro-marquetry stone technique was used to create her idea and the beautiful scene she imagined. It is also a haute-horlogerie piece, as it has an award-winning intricate movement that completes the watch's core traits.

The Symbols of Rio de Janeiro with a Pop Art Twist. Let's first take a look at the beautiful face of this watch. It was created with the intention to include the most famous visual elements of Rio de Janerio (the city that inspired the watch). Kakau Hofke, a world-renowned artist created these replica watches This Brazilian representative of pop art is well-known for her unique use of overlapping colors. You can see this on the dial of the new Romaingauthier piece.

The collaboration between the artist and the watchmaker who created breitling superocean replica Logical One Secret Kakau is not new. Kakau Hofke was also responsible in creating the logo for the brand back in 2005, when the watchmakers were founded.

Hofke chose two symbols to represent the new timekeeper. They both point to the city she was born and inspired the creation of this model. Corcovado Hill with its statue of Christ the Redeemer is the first. The second is the pattern on the promenade leading to Ipanema. These two symbols were crafted to create a beautiful scene that is truly artistic.

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